Mock Interviews by CTS on 27 December 2014 from 9.30 Am Onwards.....

Dear Students,
                     As part of the evaluation process initiated by CTS, a mock interview will be conducted on 27 Dec 2014 from  9.30 am onwards. It is mandatory for all the shortlisted students to participate in the mock interview. PLEASE BRING ONE COPY OF UPDATED RESUME FAILING WHICH YOU WILL BE NOT ALLOWED IN INTERVIEWS. The schedule and the shortlist is given below:

Cognizant Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd
Outreach disha
Evaluation Program (Internal Assessment for Records)
Date: 26-12-2014                                     Venue: Aditya College of Engineering, Madanapalle
Tentative Program Schedule
Time                                                               Program Agenda
9.30am Onwards                                              Registration
10 am -10.15 am                                             Brief Explanation of Program by Cognizant Associate
10.15 am- 11.30 am                                        Session 1 (Group Discussion) in parallel panels
11.30 am – 1.00 pm                                        Session 2 (Just a minute) in one panel
1.00 pm - 2.00 pm                                           Lunch Break
2.00 pm – 4.30 pm                                          Technical & HR Mock Interviews by Evaluation panel
4.30 pm – 5.00 pm                                          Feedback & Summing up (Thanks giving to students & College by Outreach disha)

Guidelines to Students:
1.      Students should participate in a serious manner.
2.      Attendance of shortlisted students is mandatory and should attend with formal dress code.
3.      For Mock Interviews, Students should carry their latest resume of one copy failing which they will not be allowed in mock interviews.
4.      All rules should be as per panel.
5.      Final winners will be decided by panel.


     CTS ID

1118P1A0404M Arifa SiddiquaECECTSORDA201

2118P1A0412Salanke Bhargavi BaiECECTSORDA202

3118P1A0413Biddala BhavyasreeECECTSORDA203

4118P1A0416Modem Chitra LekhaECECTSORDA204

5118P1A0418Thugu Durga Prasad ReddyECECTSORDA205

6118P1A0419Syed Farheen TajECECTSORDA206

7118P1A0424Mummadi GowthamiECECTSORDA207

8118P1A0425Pamuluri HarinathECECTSORDA208

9118P1A0429Pujari Hema SreeECECTSORDA209

10118P1A0430Boggala JayalakshmiECECTSORDA210

11118P1A0432P M KamertajECECTSORDA211

12118P1A0437Ramireddy KeerthiECECTSORDA212

13118P1A0444J ManjulaECECTSORDA213

14118P1A0445Kollu Manoj Kumar NaiduECECTSORDA214

15118P1A0446Velaga Manoj KumarECECTSORDA215

16118P1A0452Sadipirala NikhithaECECTSORDA216

17118P1A0454Sowdam PadmajaECECTSORDA217

18118P1A0456Chennuri Pavan KumarECECTSORDA218

19118P1A0459Morumpalli PrasannaECECTSORDA219

20118P1A0460P Praveen KumarECECTSORDA220

21118P1A0461P PushpalathaECECTSORDA221

22118P1A0462Rotlawala RajamaniECECTSORDA222

23118P1A0468Bandla Reddy SekharECECTSORDA223

24118P1A0471P Roshan KhanECECTSORDA224

25118P1A0472K M SabrinECECTSORDA225

26118P1A0476Sai Surya Teja KECECTSORDA226

27118P1A0477P SailendraECECTSORDA227

28118P1A0479Motupalli SanthiECECTSORDA228

29118P1A0480A SanthipriyaECECTSORDA229

30118P1A0481Sthanikam Santhosh KumarECECTSORDA230

31118P1A0483Shaik SehartajECECTSORDA231

32118P1A0486Donthi ShamiliECECTSORDA232

33118P1A0488Bonthala ShashankECECTSORDA233

34118P1A0491Ratakonda Siri ChandanaECECTSORDA234

35118P1A0494M SreelakshmiECECTSORDA235

36118P1A04A0Subrahmanyasuhas AppajoduECECTSORDA236

37118P1A04A1K SudhakarECECTSORDA237

38118P1A04A2Chinthaparthi Suma MohanECECTSORDA238

39118P1A04A5Talamarla ThejeshECECTSORDA239

40118P1A04A6Chenchugalla Uday KishoreECECTSORDA240

41118P1A04A7Uttaradi UmamaheswariECECTSORDA241

42118P1A04A9B Vidhya RaniECECTSORDA242

43118P1A04B1Desai G Vijaya NeeharikaECECTSORDA243

44118P1A04B2Baasini YaminiECECTSORDA244

45118P1A0502Anitha MoodeCSECTSORDA245

46118P1A0508Ashya MinnamareddyCSECTSORDA246

47118P1A0514Chanakya YerragondaCSECTSORDA247

48118P1A0520Divya BheemaganiCSECTSORDA248

49118P1A0521Divya Sravani PasupuletiCSECTSORDA249

50118P1A0522Gowthami KandalaCSECTSORDA250

51118P1A0525Hemambika PommurapalliCSECTSORDA251

52118P1A0526Hemavathi GudlaCSECTSORDA252

53118P1A0528Himavarshitha Gavida ReddigariCSECTSORDA253

54118P1A0534Javeriya Banu SyedCSECTSORDA254

55118P1A0535Kavitha GCSECTSORDA255

56118P1A0537Kousalya PemmsaniCSECTSORDA256

57118P1A0544S M D Althaf Hussain  CSECTSORDA257

58118P1A0553Pallavi KomeriCSECTSORDA258

59118P1A0555Pavithra P VCSECTSORDA259

60118P1A0565Roja TCSECTSORDA260

61118P1A0567Ruqsana Begum ShaikCSECTSORDA261

62118P1A0568Sai Krishna Reddy GurramCSECTSORDA262

63118P1A0574Shaik MD ZaibachanCSECTSORDA263

64118P1A0576Shilpa PenugondaCSECTSORDA264

65118P1A0580Sowndarya MakireddyCSECTSORDA265

66118P1A0587Swathi MutraCSECTSORDA266

67118P1A0588Swetha YCSECTSORDA267

68118P1A0590Taseen ShaikCSECTSORDA268

69118P1A0592Thejaswini GajulaCSECTSORDA269

70118P1A0594Udayasree KaramalaputtiCSECTSORDA270

71118P1A0596Usha Rani NCSECTSORDA271

72118P1A05A2Vijay Kumar NayaniCSECTSORDA272



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